What Song Does Your Pastor Sing?

In my last post, I noted that loving mercy and doing justice get a lot of lip service among Christians, but we often fail to really show mercy and act justly. It doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s a great example of one man who has stretched himself and encouraged others in his efforts to promote justice and reconciliation. Go read the article now, then come back here. I’ll wait for you, I promise.  Actions, Words Speak to Power of Forgiveness.

As I thought about Darrell Auginash’s amazing quest, I realized it’s more than just a great story. This is his song. This is God breathing through him, using Darrell’s voice to break the cycle of “sin-anger-revenge” and suffering with the fresh wind of forgiveness.

And it occurred to me that every pastor has a song. Every Christian has a song. Every one of us should be singing with a full, resonant voice, reflecting God’s voice into the world around us. What song has God given you to sing? You are the only one who can give it voice. Go ahead. Take a low, deep breath, and start singing!

Over the next few weeks, I hope to focus on the songs our pastors sing to us and for us. Maybe your pastor has a passion for multicultural ministry, or ministry to college students, or missions, or caring for families with young children. I encourage you to start listening a little more closely for the song your pastor is singing. When you pick up the tune, maybe you can sing along.

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