Monthly Archives: November 2015

Post-Thanksgiving Post

firstsnowfall10-10-09.jpgI give God thanks for this day, this
day-after-the-day-after Thanksgiving day.
I thank God for a day in which
I can sip coffee slowly.
The sun sparkles on new snow.
The clock ticks comfortingly
at the top of the stairs.
Today I have the luxury
of puttering at my own pace.
That pace says, “Thanks.”

Catching Up …

God’s been pretty busy around here lately. I’ve been trying to catch up, but the Holy Spirit keeps surprising me with new things. I love that about the Holy Spirit!

The homeless shelter for single mother families that we have been dreaming and praying to develop got a big shot in the arm last week. Anonymous donors stepped forward to underwrite most of the renovation costs, so construction can begin in a few weeks, and we should be able to open the shelter by April 1. I wish it were sooner, but I know God’s timing is perfect, so I will rest in that assurance as we put all the other pieces in place.

Our church council approved a significantly larger budget for the coming year, nearly doubling the amount we hope to spend on mission and ministry. Our building is ninety years old, so upkeep of the physical plant is always going to need a significant chunk of the budget, but this increase toward ministry is a huge step.

It’s especially significant because we lost 4% of our membership to death this year, and the estimates of giving for the coming year are frighteningly lower than last year. I look at this as God saying, “Remember Gideon? I wouldn’t let him fight the battle in the strength of a human army. I want to be sure the world can see that what you are doing is being done in my strength alone.” You go, God. Let’s show ’em.

How’s your Fall season shaping up? What surprises has God dumped on your head, or into your lap? Where do you see God saying, “I want to be sure the world can see that what you’re doing is by my strength alone” and how are you responding to that challenge?