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Troubled Hearts – Sermon on John 14:1-14 for Easter 5A

What troubles your heart these days?
There’s plenty to trouble us: wars all over the globe, gun violence, the economy, politics, … disease. Sometimes, these troubles seem so pervasive, we become numb to them. We simply can’t process any more grief, any more pain, any more anger. And sometimes, one particular trouble amplified others that were already brewing – troubles in our homes, and in our relationships; financial troubles; questions of our own value and purpose. Sometimes, it seems we have more questions than answers.

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We Had Hoped – Sermon on Luke 24:13-35 for Easter 3A

On Easter Day, we saw the Resurrection from the viewpoint of those women who were the first to arrive at the empty tomb, and last week we heard the same story from the perspective of those disciples who were closest to Jesus, but Thomas was missing that day. He had to come back a week later, to experience the risen Lord.

Today, we hear the same day’s story, but it’s from the perspective of some followers of Jesus who were not among the twelve, but they had followed Jesus closely enough to have been deeply affected by the events of the previous 72 hours. Continue reading