On the way…

No matter how carefully I plan for a big trip, there’s always a snag of some sort. Maybe it’s a last-minute change in plans, or an item that I overlooked on my (very messy) To Do Before I Leave list, but sometimes it’s just life in all its glorious unpredictability.
And that’s when I have to step back, exhale slowly, and say, “OK God, you’ve got this, I know. Let me get out of the way so you can have some room to work.”
I say it. But I don’t always do it very well.
Until I’m on the plane, and everything really is completely out of my control, I still fret. I still try to fix things from my end. I stay in the way.
But God works anyway, even when I make things difficult. What would it look like if I really trusted God? Let’s find out. I’ll check in with you ten days from now. Keep an eye out. God might be pretty busy while I’m giving him some room to work.

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