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Making Room – Sermon on Matthew 3:1-12 for Advent 2A

Blessings on your Advent journey! You know, some folks aren’t even aware there is a season called ‘Advent.’ For them, this season leading up to Christmas is Christmas. We get that message loud and clear everywhere we go, in every store where we shop.

What are we waiting for? Let’s cut to the chase and start singing “Silent Night” and get that Baby Jesus into the manger where he belongs!

But we aren’t there yet. Continue reading

Advent Two – A warning for worship

You’ll get the sermon here around noon (CDT) today, but in the meantime, know that lots of people pray for worship every week, and one of those is Martha Spong. Here is a link to her prayer for pastors this cold, cold morning. The roads are treacherous for so many this second Sunday of Advent, but the Word of the Lord looks even more daunting, in some ways. Prophets always tell the truth, and the truth is often something we’d rather not hear.

So whether you travel (drive carefully, as if there is a raw egg between your foot and the accelerator!) or turn on a television broadcast of worship today, be alert for the unexpected. And know that, whatever our expectations, God will show up in surprising ways. See you at church….