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Good Friday

The Lenten Fast on blog posting is almost over. Meanwhile, you might want to check out my Good Friday post over on the Worship Connect blog for the Evangelical Covenant Church.

If you live in the Twin Cities, I invite you to participate in the Tenebrae (service of shadows) at Bethlehem Covenant Church this evening at 7 pm. You can also find information on that website about Easter Worship and other events at the church.

Monday, A Pastor Sings returns.

WARNING: Contents Under Pressure | Worship Connect

Here’s my monthly post over on the WorshipConnect blog: WARNING: Contents Under Pressure | Worship Connect.

I realized after I wrote it that it has been a full month since I wrote anything on my own blog! I’m sorry to have dropped the ball. We were dealing with a few family crises (on top of the ones happening at church) at Chez Taylor. Short story: had to buy a new kitchen stove, deal with family illness, Christmas! and accompanying travel, and … my husband lost his job. (I won’t insult you with a frowny face icon. Just know that he is taking it a lot better than I have been, but I’m coming around to his positive take on the whole thing. And if you need a grant writer, send me a message so I can put you in touch with him!)

Soooo…. here we are halfway through January, and it’s time to get back in the swing of things. I have lots of scribbled notes that I have accumulated over the past month, and my plan is to post something on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday each week. Tonight’s post is just a bonus to get the gears meshing again.

Would love to hear from you, too! How was your Christmas? What  resolutions have you already broken this New Year? How have you found the Light of the World illuminating your own personal darkness?